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    Men's Club

Are you looking for a game? Come join our Hesston Men's Club! Our Men's Club is available to all golfers of all playing ability looking to meet and play with others. Each weekend the Men's Club plays Friday afternoon at 1:00 and in the morning both Saturday and Sunday and Sunday afternoon throughout the year (Saturday and Sunday morning tee times vary based on the time of year). If you join the Hesston Mens Club you are NOT committing to play every weekend or every day. We understand that life is busy and some of you may only be able to play with the club once a week or a few times a year. All are welcome!

Joining the Hesston Men's Club only costs $25. Come on out this weekend and give us a try! Or if you have any questions regarding our Men's Club call the golf shop at (620) 327-2331.
Some benefits of joining the Men's Club are:.

  • Guaranteed group to play with
  • Access to over a dozen exclusive Men's Club Tournaments.
  • Preferred weekend tee times.
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2024 Hesston Men’s Club Rules

Tees: Players can choose which tee they want to play from. Options are Red, Gold, White, Blue or Black.

***Note that handicaps are changed based on the USGA suggested adjustment***

Hole ALL Putts

Men’s Club will play the ball DOWN everywhere during peak season (May 1 - November 14) unless we are Cart Path Only. During the offseason (November 15 - February 28) or if we are Cart Path Only, Men’s Club will play the ball UP everywhere within a club length (any club except your putter).

The Men’s Club has adopted the following local rules and these rules will be in effect immediately…

  1. All native grasses and water hazards are now considered a “Penalty Area”. If you hit your ball in a penalty area, proceed as if it were a water hazard. You can find your ball and play it, or find the point where it last crossed and take your proper relief. (This will help eliminate all issues with Holes 3 & 9 ; everything right is played as a hazard now) You can not play the ball up in a Penalty Area! This is defined as a mow line, water line, or a marked red line if present.
  2. You can ground your club and move loose impediments in a Penalty Area. (Only exception would be in a bunker. You can not ground your club in a bunker unless you trip going in or out and need it as a crutch)
  3. A ball that is hit Out of Bounds or is a Lost Ball in an area that is not a Penalty Area must be played with the normal stroke and distance rules. Go back to your previous location and hit from there, adding a penalty stroke.
  4. Ball drop height is knee level.
  5. Time to search for a lost ball is 3 minutes from when you arrive and begin searching.
  6. You may leave the flagstick in to putt if you so choose to.
  7. You may tap down any damage to a putting green (spike marks)
  8. There is no longer a penalty for a double hit. Play the ball from where it came to rest.
  9. If a ball is accidentally moved on the putting green, you replace the ball back and no penalty is assessed.
  10. If a ball unintentionally hits you or your equipment, it is not longer a penalty.
  11. We added a maximum score of 10 per hole. If you want to continue to play and have a higher score, you are more than welcome to.

The Men’s Club plays a $5 game. Here is how it pays out…$2 goes towards Net Individual, $1 goes toward Net Eggs, $1 goes toward Gross Eggs, and $1 goes toward Net Four Ball (Blind draw for partner by the computer)

Men’s Club Play Days:

  • Friday’s: 1:00
  • Saturday’s: Morning Tee Time (times fluctuate based on time of the year)
  • Sunday’s: Morning Tee Time and Afternoon Tee Time 
  • The first, third and fourth Sunday afternoon tee times will be some type of fun format.

If you ever want to just play 9 holes, you are welcome to join a group and not pay into the game.


HMGA Men's Club Events 2024

Kick Off- April 13th

Match Play Begins- April 15th

Memorial Cup- May 25-27

 Open Pick Two Pros- June 15th

Red/White/Blue- July 4th

Club Championship- July 27th-28th

Flag Tournament- August 11th

Better Your Score- Sept.7th-9th

Shoot Out- November 2nd




We would welcome the opportunity to have you join our club.

If you should have any questions please call the golf course at (620) 327-2331