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Hesston Junior Golf

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Hesston Junior Golf 2019   

Play Days:

-There will be 6 weeks of play days that take place on Monday mornings at Hesston Golf Course on June 3, June 10, June 17, June 24, July 1, and July 8. The make up day will be July 15 if we have a rainout. There will be a 3 Hole, 6 Hole, 9 Hole, and an 18 Hole Division based on each player's ability. Season long standings will be kept.

-For our younger players (3 Hole and 6 Hole) we would like to have a parent, grandparent, babysitter, etc… be there to help walk and keep score with each group.

-Cost: $85 (This includes all play days, summer pass for the junior golfer, and a range pass) OR $30 (Just includes the 6 play days)

Group Lessons:

-We will be putting on group lessons for four weeks. Tuesday, May 28 ; Wednesday, June 5 ; Tuesday, June 11 ; & Tuesday, June 18.  These will take place between 8:00-12:00 at Hesston Golf Course. The make up day will be Tuesday, June 25.

-Groups will be made based on abilities. Please let us know how many years your son or daughter has been involved in the game of golf. We want to make the groups as even as we can in order to maximize instruction. Begginer lessons will only last 30 minutes, and the more advanced lessons will last 45 minutes.

-Items that will be covered during group lessons include grip, stance, swing, putting, & chipping.

Our juniors will learn new drills that they can take with them to help with different parts of their game.

-All instruction will be given by Grady Pauls and his staff at Hesston Golf Course.

-Cost: $50 for four weeks of instruction.

Play Day Sign Up:

Name of Junior Golfer:________________________________________      Age:______________

Parent Name: _________________________ Email: ______________________________________

Cell Phone Number: ______________________________________  

Please mark which section they would like to play in. Understand we may move them around based on past experience or scores that they shoot in early weeks. 

3 Holer (9:00am) :___________ 6 Holer (9:00am):_____________ 9 Holer (8:00am):_____________ 18 Holer (7:30am):_______________

Group Lesson Sign Up:

(Write Same As Above If Signing Up For Both, Do Not Forget the Years Played Below!!)

Name of Junior Golfer:____________________________________________ Age:_______

Parent Name: ______________________________ Email: ______________________________________

Cell Phone Number: _________________________________  

How many years has your junior played golf?_______________________

Any other notes we need to know about your golfer:


I am paying for Play Days Only ($30): ____________

I am paying for Group Lessons Only ($50): ___________________

I am paying for Play Day, Summer Pass, and Range Pass ($85) :_______________

Total Cost:__________________

***Make all checks payable to Hesston Golf Course and attach with this entry form. They can be turned in to the pro shop at Hesston Golf Course. All entry forms are due by May 22, 2019. Please contact Grady Pauls at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any questions. Thanks!