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    Senior's Club


2024 Senior Club Rules and Regulations


ALL are welcome to play with the Seniors regardless of your age!

Ages 59 & Under plays the WHITE Tees 

Ages 60-74 plays the GOLD Tees

Ages 75+ plays the RED Tees

All handicaps are adjusted based on the USGA suggestion for the Tee Differential when different tees are being played. (This would only apply when utilizing the men’s club computer for scoring or a specified net game).

Hole ALL Putts!

Seniors will play the ball UP everywhere within a club length. You CAN NOT change cuts!!  (any club except your putter)

Local Rules:

Carts may NOT drive close to the greens and must stay on the cart paths on all par 3’s. Repeat violation will result in forfeiting the round for that day and possible repercussions moving forward. If needed, please request a Handicap Flag prior to playing.  Please abide by all course markings including signs and roped off areas. We ask that all players who do not have a private cart please ride two-to-a-cart in order to allow enough carts for regular play.

All native grasses and water hazards are now considered a “Penalty Area”. If you hit your ball in a penalty area, proceed as if it were a water hazard. You can find your ball and play it, or find the point where it last crossed and take your proper relief. (This will help eliminate all issues with Holes 3 & 9; everything right is played as a hazard now) You cannot play the ball up in a Penalty Area!  (*exception in scramble and shamble formats*) This is defined as a mow line, water line, or a marked red line if present.

You can ground your club and move loose impediments in a Penalty Area. (Only exception would be in a bunker. You can not ground your club in a bunker unless you trip going in or out and need it as a crutch).

A ball that is hit Out of Bounds or is a Lost Ball in an area that is not a Penalty Area must be played with the normal stroke and distance rules. Go back to your previous location and hit from there, adding a penalty stroke.

Ball drop height is knee level.

Time to search for a lost ball is 3 minutes from when you arrive and begin searching.

You may leave the flagstick in to putt if you so choose to.

You may tap down any damage to a putting green (spike marks)

If a ball is accidentally moved on the putting green, you replace the ball back and no penalty is assessed. 

If a ball unintentionally hits you or your equipment, no penalty. 

Maximum score of triple bogie on every hole. Once you reach triple bogey, record your score and move on to the next hole.

The Seniors schedule of play as follows:  Team will be formed by drawing golf balls. We ask that all players arrive at least 15 mintues prior to the start time so teams can be drawn. If you running late, please call the clubhouse and notify the staff that you are on your way. If you are late, you will not be included in the team game, but can join last group and play own ball. 

Effective March 1st, 2024 - October 31st, 2024

November 1st - February 28th - Random Play (Based on players that show up)

Monday- $3 Best Ball Game: Six/Six/Six

Tuesday- $3 Shamble. (Each team selects the best tee shot on each hole, then all players play own ball from there.)

Wednesday-$5  Scramble. (Each team select the shot to play, then all players play from the selected location).

Thursday- Random (based on players that show up) 

Friday- $5 Scramble. Open to the senior public (55+) $20 greens fee for non-members.

**In regards to formats where you play own ball or shamble: Based on number of players in the group, you will take either one, two or three scores. With a three person team, take one score. 

* In regards to scramble: no extra shot for lower # of player teams 


2 Teams= 1st 100% Payout

3 or 4 Teams= 1st 60%, 2nd 40%

5 or 6 Teams= 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%

7+ Teams= 1st 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10%