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    Men's League

2022 Hesston Men's League Mixed Format RESULTS
Week Format Team Score Team Score Location
May-12 Scramble Rucker/Rucker 33.3 Arnold/Bigham 31 Hole 10A
May-12 Scramble Harder/Rempel 31.8 Thach/Laws 31 Hole 10B
May-12 Scramble Fuqua/Lunsford 31 Rogers/Green 33.9 Hole 11
May-12 Scramble Jaso/Brown 33.2 TBD/TBD ns Hole 12A
May-12 Scramble Pauls/Pauls 33.5 Ratzlaff/Zehr 33.4 Hole 12B
May-12 Scramble Jost/Linton 35.7 Scheef/Hecox 30.2-2nd Hole 13
May-12 Scramble Lujano/Franz 29.4-1st Buhrman/Miller 31.9 Hole 14A
May-12 Scramble Lujano/Whitcher 33 Sides/McClean 37 Hole 14B
May-12 Scramble Cooper/Erb 35 Funk/Regier 30.3-3rd Hole 15
May-12 Scramble Loutensock/Spencer 32 Brenneman/Brenneman 30.5-4th Hole 16A
May-12 Scramble Hill/Myers ns Frey/Voth 34.1 Hole 16B
May-12 Scramble Robinson/McDermed 32.4 Schrag/Welsch 37.5 Hole 17
May-12 Scramble Bascue/Sauerwein 34.4 Mason/Sauder 31.5 Hole 18A
May-12 Scramble Armstrong/Davis 36.2 Enns/Hansen 36.3 Hole 18B
May-12 Scramble Schrag/Huff 32 Petrocci/Flaming 33.7 Hole 1A
May-12 Scramble Carr/Maxwell 30.1-3rd LeFerve/Kingsley 33.3 Hole 1B
May-12 Scramble Shank/Crawford 33.5 Roth/Watkins 29.4-1st Hole 2
May-12 Scramble Kruszynski/Stephens 33.2 Hammond/Roepke 29.9-2nd Hole 3A
May-12 Scramble Ferguson/Hamilton 37.5 Sweigart/Krehbiel 36.8 Hole 3B
May-12 Scramble Drake/Critchfield 31.8 Stucky/Zucchoni ns Hole 4
May-12 Scramble Schadler/Schadler 35 Goevert/Klassen 34.2 Hole 5A
May-12 Scramble Smith/Martin 34.3 Reimer/Moore 34.5 Hole 5B
May-12 Scramble Torgeson/Torgeson 34.5 Kauffman/Penner 30.5-4th Hole 6
May-12 Scramble Waterson/Foresberg 33.5 Penner/Preheim 32 Hole 7A
May-12 Scramble Eilert/Hastings 31.3 Wallace/Stephens 32.8 Hole 7B
May-12 Scramble Vogt/Pressnall 35.5 Stoppel/Worcester 33.3 Hole 8
May-12 Scramble Smith/Woods 34.8 Johnston/Pauls 31.1 Hole 9A
May-12 Scramble Borgen/Maurer 33.4 Riley/Neufeld 34 Hole 9B
Closest to the Pin: 8- TJ Worcester
Closest to the Pin: 13- Zac Lujano


Based on a minimum of 32 two-man teams, all 18 holes will be used each Thursday. Teams will be separated into divisions (or flights) based on the combined team league handicap (if you do not have a handicap we will work with you to establish one). 48 teams is our maximum! Be sure to sign up early to guarantee your spot in the league!

The league schedule will run May 5th - August 18th starting at 6:00pm. This is 16 weeks of play. The format will consist of 9 weeks of handicapped match play (same format as prior years) and 7 weeks of mixed formats (scramble, shamble, best ball, one man mulligan, backwards course, etc...). All competition will be against the teams in your division, but mixed format play can be played with any team participating in league. The match play standings will be used for an end of the season cash payout. The mixed format weeks will be paid out each week. All prizes will be paid out in cash via a prize pool.

Cost for the league will be $60 per player, with $20 going into the season long match play prize fund and $30 going into the mixed format weekly prize fund. We are going to have the extra $10 go into a "Hole-In-One Pot"! The first Hole-In-One hit during Thursday Night League play will get the $$$. If we do have one early, we will start another pot! At the end of the year if there is not a hole in one, we will do something fun with the money that is left in the pot on the last week!

Weekly fees will be $20 for golf, cart, and range for HGC non-members.

If you are interested in a membership, please contact Zach and he will get you set up!

We also offer a Men's League Season Pass for $300! ($150 in GF's and $150 in CF's - If you elect this option, you get one weeks league play for FREE!!) This is also nice as you will never have to wait in the check-in line and subs are paid for as well then!

We allow Seniors (65+) to move up and play from the GOLD Tees during Men's League. All handicaps will be based on your scores shot during league play no matter what tees you are playing from!


Contact Zach Frey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.